I Used To Think, But Now I Know…

Between Insanity and Brillianceby Muffin
Written for Between Insanity and Brilliance: Stories and Poems from the Basement of Discontent

I used to think aliens were coming to get me.
But now I know they just wanted to take me home.

I used to think I wasn’t as good as everyone else.
But now I know I’m better than all of those people.

I used to think if I jumped down stairs that I was flying.
But now I know I was falling.

I used to think I could have any boy that I wanted.
But now I know that the best boys are the ones I can’t have.

I used to think I was stuck being either male or female.
But now I know about sex changes, transvestites, and people classified as “others.”

I used to think that I wasn’t normal.
But now I know for sure I’m not.