Between Insanity and Brilliance: Stories and Poems from the Basement of Discontent

Between Insanity and BrillianceWritten and illustrated by Toronto Street Writers, our collection Between Insanity and Brilliance is the culmination of our year-long writing workshop.

To get your own copy, please send $5 to Parkdale Young Writers Group, 1303 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M6H 3G1.

Toronto's creative young writers find their unique voices, tell their own stories, and represent what's it's like to find your way in this city. Youth challenge all stereotypes of Canadian writing through fabulously diverse poetry, fiction, non-fiction, comics and screenplays. The book is also illustrated with their original art and photography--so you literally get to see the city through their eyes.

Keeping read to access online selections from the publication.

Reflections on 2009-2010
Isn’t it Funny? by Daniel
What I’m Tryna Say by Quentin Vercetty
Edmonton by Adhimu Stewart
Caution Falling Alice and Bubbles in Tea by Max Baru
Pillbugs by Heather Reid
On Winter 1 and 2, and Last Breath by Marlene Leung
Wishy Washy by R. Scott
Wild Gilbert and I Love You/I Hate You by Dani Mas
Knives by Zeyneb Aras
Eternal Freedom by Conspiracy
&@ and Untitled by Marlon Gidluck
Z-Rex by Ziadh Rabbani
The Asylum by Muffin
For the Love of Music by Jeffrey Vallejo
Wasted By the Lands by Adam Davidson
Frightened By My Figure by Adam Davidson
Osmosis and Horseshoes by John Nyman
Day Infinity and This Pen by Adhimu Stewart
Seconds to Midnight and Inconsistency by Dizia
I Made Her Cry and What I Want to Be by Don Summerville
Untitled Poem by Delicate
A Convocation of Crows by R. Scott
I Used to Believe by Dizia
Forest Script by Heather Reid
Vagabond Song and The Dead Girl by Fairamay
See Me Through by Shawna Dimitry
Angel Flakes by David Delisca
Fish by Jay Gardner
Blank by Aashiqui Sheosanker
Sunken Sunflower and Only As Sick As Our Secrets by Anna Banana
I Used to Think, But Now I Know by Muffin
Split Ends and River by Rupi Natt
Once We Were Innocent by Jeffrey Vallejo